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Health Mix

Health Mix To have combination of all the essential nutrients in one meal, Manna Health Mix is the ideal family porridge. Manna Health Mix, a Perfect blend of cereals, pulses and nuts is best suited for today’s health-conscious consumers. It is an excellent source of high quality proteins and Vitamins that helps in preventing various nutrient deficiency disorders. Manna Health Mix promotes overall health of the family.

Ragi Rich

Manna Ragi Rich is a product of Sprouted Ragi & Sprouted Green gram. Sprouting helps in the break down of the complex sugars and proteins to much simpler forms which make digestion easier. It is an ideal ‘First Solid Food’ for babies. The product is rich in Calcium, phosphorous and Iron needed for growth and development of the child. The process of germination increases vitamin and mineral content. These features make this product highly recommended for infants and helps in growth pattern This product is free from artificial colors, preservatives & flavors and hence very safe for infants.

Dia Mix

Dia Mix is a cereal based health food formulated to address the needs of the diabetic population. It provides natural source of soluble and insoluble fiber from processed cereals, pulses and fenugreek. Its rich source of protein and fiber makes it suitable for diabetic patients. Fenugreek is rich in dietary fiber that modulates blood glucose levels. It plays key role in its ability to moderate metabolism of glucose in digestive track. It slows the digestion and prolongs absorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream thus preventing sudden rise in blood sugar levels. Manna Dia Mix has been serving innumerable diabetic patients with its unique formula free of chemical additives and preservatives.


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