Mother and Child Combo

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Manna Health Mix 600g
  • Manna Health Mix is a traditional Indian blend of 14 cereals, pulses & nuts that make it the most nutritious breakfast
  • With proteins for strength, carbohydrates and healthy fats for energy, natural vitamins and minerals for immunity building, and fibre for a healthy digestive system it makes for a nourishing drink for your child everyday
  • In the formative years(2-6), it is advisable to give natural foods without preservatives, additives, artificial flavours and colours to your growing kids.
  • Manna Health Mix is 100% natural and contains zero artificial flavours, zero additives and zero artificial colours
iStrong Caramel 200g
  • Manna iStrong - Iron Fortified Women's Health Drink | Delivers 100% RDA of Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin B9 and B12
  • Manna iStrong - Natural Multigrain Energy Drink for Women
  • Manna iStrong contains a plant based natural sweetener Stevia which has zero calories.