Sattu and its benefits

Sattu and its benefits

Dec 15, 2022Manna Foods

The summers can make you feel tired and sluggish, but there are many natural and homemade methods you can use to fight summer fatigue. One such magic ingredient and superfood is Sattu. 

Sattu is prepared from roasted chickpea flour. In household kitchens, it is commonly called ‘Kala chana’. Once they are ground, the resulting powder is roasted chickpea flour or channa. 

Because it is made from chickpeas, it has many nutrients like Magnesium, Iron, calcium, protein and fiber. It is one of the best and most easily available foods that provide cooling properties to the body. Some people say that it is the cheapest source of protein, but it is growing increasingly popular; some Bollywood celebrities are now promoting and encouraging the inclusion of Sattu into your daily diet. 

Nutritional composition of 100-gram Sattu powder:         

Protein – 20 g

Fiber - 9 g

Carbohydrates - 66 g

Energy - 381 kcl

Cholesterol - 0

Magnesium - 291 mg

Iron - 4.5 g

Common benefits

Sattu has loads of benefits for the human body. If you are into fitness or looking to become healthier, then the use of sattu will deliver great nutrition to the body.

  • Sattu helps in keeping your body cool
  • Consuming sattu on an empty stomach helps to manage weight
  • It helps in increasing your energy levels
  • It is good for controlling cholesterol
  • Sattu has antioxidant properties to flush your body of toxins
  • It helps in managing blood pressure and diabetes, and also has benefits for the skin.

Health benefits to children

Doctors stress on the importance of giving proper nutrition to children at their young age and nowadays, there are a lot of foods claiming to be healthy that are available in the market. But these products are often not naturally made, and may have artificial nutrients added to them. Sattu powder is the better choice as it naturally has a lot of nutrition which keeps children healthy and strong to fight common health problems.

In peak summer, the conditions can become harsh for children and even for adults to tolerate the heat, which can lead to fatigue. Therefore, consuming Sattu in the form of sharbats and smoothies will not only keep the body cool and hydrated, but the protein and nutrient-rich Sattu will enhance the immunity and health of children. 

Best recipe of sattu

If you are not familiar with the recipes of this superfood, here are some easy recipes. Sattu can be consumed in many ways; take sattu and mix it with banana, curd, jaggery, water and make a protein shake. You can also make Sattu Jaggery balls with its dough simply known as laddu. Why not try a paratha of sattu? Also, chilla is easy to make. You may even make Litti.

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